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NEW - Kakusei-Mushin: A Research Study on the Ideal Mental State in Martial Arts

Kakusei-Mushin is now available as a paperback on Amazon.

Manaka Unsui, after 50 years experience in kobudo (ancient martial arts), wanted to uncover the ultimate secrets of these lineages. The various schools all seemed to speak about the concept of "mushin" as being the essence of martial arts. To get at the heart of this concept and provide scientific evidence as to "why" this mindset is so essential, he became a research student at the University of Tsukuba. This book is his full research project and includes the original Japanese text. The book also takes an extensive look at the literature studied by samurai, and provides the first scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the state of mushin, as taught by ancient masters such as Yagyu Munenori and Miyamoto Musashi.

Purpose of the Jinenkan

The purpose of the Jinenkan organization is to allow students to study the martial arts of old Japan, freely and unhindered, under the guidance of Manaka Unsui Sensei. Founded in 1996, the Jinenkan has grown to have active Dojo and instructors across Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.



Literally translated, Jinenkan means "Hall of Nature" and represents Unsui Sensei's feeling of his martial arts being like the natural flow of the elements... Just as the wind can pass around any obstacle and leave no trace, or alternately can destroy anything in its path.